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Morgan’s Corner

Perhaps one of Hawaii’s most famous haunted sites is Morgan’s Corner. Residing along the now abandoned section of Pali highway on the island of Oahu, the tight hairpin curve is actually one of two sites of that name. Both sites sit at the crest of the curve, marked with a skeletal, moss-covered tree, but the most haunted of the two sits along the Nu’uanu side of the Pali highway.

While most storytellers will tell the tale of an amorous couple parking at the corner for a late night make-out session, only to face a nameless evil spirit that left the boyfriend hanging from the tree above the car, gutted and drained of blood, this is nothing more than urban legend. The real tale of Morgan’s Corner is much less gory, but shocking nonetheless.

In 1948, the body of widow Therese Wilder was discovered in her home on Nu’uanu Pali Rd, bound and gagged. Autopsy revealed that the broken jaw she had sustained, coupled with the cloth tied tightly around her mouth and nose resulted in her death by suffocation. It was later discovered that two escaped prisoners had committed the crime, lured to her home by the smell of cooking food. The news of this crime shocked the community, the memory of her restless spirit permeating the area around her former home, including Morgan’s Corner. People visiting the area often report ghostly sightings and sensations, including cold spots, moving shadows, and disembodied voices.

This video explains the true story behind the legend of Morgan’s Corner and introduces a ghost hunting group that explores it.


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